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📺 The Perfect Pixel Companion 

The iconic Ditoo by Divoom is the perfect little companion to keep near your setup. With it's unique design and amazing functionality it is sure to improve your setup and even the way you live. Ditoo serves as a high quality Bluetooth speaker, a means to have fun on and play games, a creative outlet for those who love art. He also makes for the perfect advanced smart alarm that will leave you waking up with a bright smile every morning. Ditoo also has multiple daily functions, use him as a calendar, a clock, a pixel display and much more. Easily control Ditoo through his intelligent app.



  • Great audio.
  • Free to use app control.
  • Pixel art design center.
  • A large pixel art community.
  • Multiple games and ways to have fun.
  • Bluetooth functionality.
  • Amazing pixel display.
  • Advanced smart alarm.
  • Helpful daily functions.
  • Appealing design and packaging.
  • An all round premium product.
  • Long lasting battery life. (8-24 hours depending on use)


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360° Surround Sound 🎧


Create Amazing Pixel Art Designs 👾

Keeps you busy for hours 🕹️


Advanced Smart Alarm ⏰


Helpful Daily Functions 📱


The Perfect Gift 🎁


An Internet Sensation 🔥




  What's Included 📦


Gallery 📷




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